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Surf Ears 3.0  Plugs

Created for surfers, swimmers, SURF EARS 3.0 earplugs protect your ears without affecting your balance and your hearing.

Unlike other earplugs, Surf Ears allows you to not lose hearing when you wear them (0db loss of hearing unlike 20 to 30db on other models). So you can easily follow a conversation and hear what's going on around you.

Surf Ears have a membrane in the form of mesh, which blocks cold air, water and the bacteria responsible for inflammations and other growths of cartilage in the ear canal.

What has changed compared to the 2.0 model

New box:

  • More simple and more practical!
  • Surfears has replaced the zip that can be gripped by a magnetic closure that opens with one hand, a silicone box that can be rinsed, larger for easy storage and ventilated to facilitate the drying of your caps!

More sizes of caps:

  • 2 sizes of support - wings (S and L)
  • 4 sizes of plugs (XS, S, M, L) to fit the largest number of morphologies.

New leash:

  • On the old model it was hooked via a small knot, it is now finished by a ring that is positioned around the body of the cap, big advantage because it installs and uninstalls easily!

New colors:

  • The red cap on the left
  • The blue cap on the right

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