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EQ Seals Ear Plugs Balance Pro


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EQ Seals Ear Plugs Balance Pro

The Seals Balance Pro earplug protects against cold, wind and water while preserving the hearing and balance of users.

Seals Balance Pro helps prevent the risk of ear diseases such as ear infections and exostosis in people engaged in water and outdoor activities in difficult outdoor conditions.

The breathable membrane, developed by Sympatex, allows the circulation of air, which preserves the hearing and balance of users while ensuring perfect impermeability.

Exostosis is caused by repeated exposure to wind, cold and water.

The Seals Balance Pro is composed of a membrane door and a Sympatex membrane.

Membrane holder: hypoallergenic medical silicone, hydrophobic, resistant to chlorine, seawater and temperatures between -10 ° C and 60 ° C. Consisting of a fin and a cup, it is placed behind the first curvature of the ear canal to ensure the tightness of the ear while maintaining comfort and its long-lasting support in the ear.

The breathable membrane allows air circulation between the eardrum and the cap, which preserves hearing and balance, while reducing the risk of infections. 100% waterproof, 100% windproof.

Optimum breathability, optimal density, without microspores.

No need for leash for plugs.

One size (also suitable for children over 12 years old)

Attention, EQ Seals are not suitable for diving beyond 3 meters deep for decompression reasons.

In flexible medical silicone.


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