Pack SUP Surfpistols Mariniere V2 10.6'


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Pack SUP Surfpistols Mariniere V2 10.6'

The SURFPISTOLS MARINIERE range has been designed to offer you serious technology at the best price.

It offers sufficient thickness and width, so as to ensure everyone, even the heaviest, rigidity and stability that will allow you to glide on the water with pleasure, performance and comfort.

The SURFPISTOLS MARINIERE 10’6 pack (3.23 meters) is a complete pack, for people under 90 kg, which will allow you to discover stand up paddle in good conditions.

This versatile board is perfect for ballads and family use. Its length of 10’6 (3.23 meters) guarantees good glide and real directional stability.

This board is built with a thickness of 4''75 (12 cm) which, combined with its double skin structure, ensures rigidity allowing it not to bend, and to remain efficient without unbalancing you. Its width of 31'' (78 cm) will provide you with sufficient stability, even at sea.

Its volume of 250L for a weight of 11 KG, guarantees good buoyancy. You will also be able to load waterproof bags thanks to its deck elastics

They are constructed with a fused integral double skin Dropstitch.

This is a high density dropstitch (more threads per cm²), not a single cm² of these boards is single skin, so they are stiffer and stronger than a single skin or single skin board reinforced with stringers. Of course, these two skins are not glued but fused, which saves weight. To these two skins we have added a third, consisting of a side reinforcement strip that goes around the board. So we have three skins on the sides.

These boards are offered in a pack, with a quality 3-part aluminum paddle (i.e. with a reliable handle and a rigid blade), an ankle leash, a manual pump, a storage backpack, a removable drift as well as a repair kit.

This range of very good value for money, does not sacrifice quality and it will allow everyone to discover the practice of stand up paddle, in good conditions, with a serious product. The aggressive price is not explained by sub-quality but by a lack of photo shooting and marketing. You only pay for the product.

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