Neck Protector Mugiro Black


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Neck Protector Mugiro Black

In the form of a collar, the neckband protects the most sensitive areas against friction and injuries caused by the use of wetsuits in water sports (swimming, surfing, scuba diving, triathlon ...).

Made with silicone and petroleum jelly, it creates a protective layer between the skin and the suit, completely reducing the risk of skin injuries.

A flap-shaped extension extends the protection along the closure of the suit.

  • Usable with petroleum jelly.
  • Density lower than that of water (it floats), it does not affect the buoyancy of the swimmer.
  • Elastic and easy to put on. (Triathlon: in a race, it can be removed as quickly as a swimming cap or goggles).
  • Washable and reusable.
  • It is sold with a plastic container for storage and transport

Size (Neck size)

  • XS (25-30cm)
  • S (30-35 cm)
  • L (35-40cm)

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