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Surf Ears 2.0  Plugs

Created for surfers, swimmers, SURF EARS 2.0 ear plugs protect your ears without affecting your balance and hearing.

Unlike other ear plugs, Surf Ears lets you not lose hearing when you wear them (0db hearing loss unlike 20 to 30db on other models). So you can easily follow a conversation and hear what happens around you without necessarily being isolated from the rest of the world ...

Equipped with a membrane in the form of mesh, Surf Ears are used to block cold air, water and bacteria responsible for inflammation and other cartilage growth in the ear canal.


Surf Ears ear plugs are equipped with silicone ear plugs of different sizes to match the size of your ear canal and ensure optimal comfort and support.


Surf Ears have two wings (wing shapes) to keep earplugs in their proper place when falling and wrinkling in extreme conditions.


This kit contains:

1 pair of Ears Surf plugs pre-assembled in medium size
2 silicone tips, small size
2 large size silicone tips
2 wing support, small size
1 leash to tie them together
A storage box
Specificities :

100% waterproof
100% windproof
Optimal breathability
Elasticity of 300% (thanks to its 0-porous structure, the membrane is very thin and of an incomparable lightness, it has an extreme elasticity while remaining watertight)
Good mechanical properties (abrasion, traction and tearing)
Compact, microporous membrane to prevent dirt or residues from decreasing performance.
Easy maintenance (soapy water)

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