Stance Socks Occy Navy


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Stance Socks Occy Navy

His surname, Occhilupo, is Italian and means "eyes of the wolf" which carries a meaning of intelligence and a deep connection with instincts. His name rings true as Mark Occhilupo, aka Occy, as he was surfing on the World Champion Tour by the time he was 17. He was said to be so in tune with the ocean it was almost animalistic. With tours being nonstop and fame overwhelming, Occy tool leave of the circuit for quite a few years to regroup. Just when the world was not sure this legend could make a comeback, Occy stunned the world by winning the world title at the age of 33. The Occy pays tribute to this legend on a classic crew canvas of combed cotton that offers support and medium cushion.

Content: 52% cotton, 28% polyester, 5% elastic, 15% elastane

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