Billabong Furnace Carbon Ultra Boots 5mm Split Toe Black


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Billabong Furnace Carbon Ultra Boots  5mm Split Toe Black

Booties with separation Furnace Carbon Ultra 5mm

Created from a progressive technology, the new Furnace Carbon Ultra liner features a thin micro-sole, a Furnace Carbon liner, a shape memory structure and a non-hardened jersey material on the outside to offer you The hottest, lightest, and most flexible bootie possible. Advanced in all respects, these slippers will keep you warm for longer surfing. Carbon inner lining and outer seams maximize accumulated heat.

  • 5mm Booties with big toe separation.
  • Furnace Carbon fiber cladding: Furnace Carbon cladding covers the liner 100%, maximizes heat and minimizes weight. A model that channels water, dries quickly and is very flexible.
  • Shape memory structure: Made from recycled car tires, the foam can stretch up to 300% while ensuring high thermal retention.
  • Non-tempered jersey material on the outside: retains 30% less water, keeps warm and drastically reduces the feeling of cold due to wind. Dries 40% faster.
  • Drymax waterproof cuff.
  • New design, unique, with a 0.3mm thin sole, bringing a better feel to the board.
  • Separation of the big toe.
  • Cup bringing flexibility.
  • Adjustable strap.

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