Mini Malibu Surfactory 7'8 Sweel Green


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Mini Malibu Surfactory 7'8 Sweel Green

The 7'8 represents for many the ideal size when it comes to Malibus.
These ribs harmonious and generous have a reference in terms of learning surfing.
It is the board used in most schools.
Its shape is very close to 7 'and 7'4 and the complete range to meet the templates over 70 Kg
Do not leave it is surfing that everyone will want you borrow.

Weight: 4.8 kg
Sizes: 7'8 X 22 "X 3" 5/64
volume: 58 liters
Manufacturing: polystyrene, epoxy resin and fiberglass fabrics.
Fins: 3 fins of 11.5 cm

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