Lufi Surfboard Mini Disk PU 6'4 Yellow


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Lufi Surfboard Mini Disk PU 6'4 Yellow

  • Sizes: 6'4 X 21.5" X 2.8"
  • Volume 43.6L
  • US Box + 4 FCSII boxes
  • PU blank, polyurethane resin
  • Pigment and Polish finish
  • Delivery with a 7" center fin and 2 FCSII Quad Rear Performer

The model that all surfers want, simple, versatile, fun and very easy to surf.

With single concave to double concave to leave in the tail, you can surf quadrifin where you will feel a plank with enough speed and very stable in all the type of waves. Stabilizers plus box for a surf with the same sensations of a longboard (longer and open curves) and single fin where you will lose a little more speed, but you will have the sensations of a true OldSchool.

Possibility of sending it to UE by contacting us.

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