Surf Black Wings 6'9 Fish 6Pack Green


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Surf Black Wings 6'9 Fish 6Pack Green

Synthesis of an "old school" shape and current dimensions and rails, the 6PACK will allow you to attack waves of 1M50 and more! Easy for small jigs (less than 75 kilos), this board is also high performance for standard jigs (75 to 90 kilos). This FISH par excellence will be extremely fast and easy to handle in small waves.

Characteristics :

  • High density EPS core
  • Longitudinal PVC lath
  • Multilayer epoxy vacuum coating with steaming
  • FCS FUSION boxes
  • Sizes: 6'9" x 20"1/2  x 3"1/4
  • Volume: 52 L
  • Thruster fins (3 fins). FCS Fins G5 are provided.

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