Pack Scorpion Surfactory 6'4 Wood

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Surf  Surfactory Scorpion 6'4 Wood

At once short, bulky and wide, especially on the nose, this scorpion shape is a perfect mix between the longboard spirit and the size of a shortboard.
The front spoon marked on the hull reinforces the spirit of the nose rider.
The distribution of the harmonious volume makes the board accessible to the greatest number.
Optional mounting in single with or without side twins for a smooth or more nervous ride.
Shape of legend.

  • Weight: 3.1 Kg
  • Dimensions: 6'4 X 21" 3/4 X 2" 3/4  
  • volume: 41 liters
  • Manufacturing: polystyrene, epoxy resin and fiberglass fabrics.
  • Fins: One 7" fiber  and two 3" fiber twins
  • FCSII compatible side boxes

Leash Regular Surf Pistols 6' Blue

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Terra Wax Cool 11-17 °
Wax for Surf, SUP and Bodyboard
Recommended for a water temperature between 11 ° and 17 °

Terra Wax - Base Coat

The Wax Terra Wax Base Coat is recommended in underlayment.

It allows to better spread the wax and to have a better grip.

It offers a longer hold of the wax.