Pack Surf Perfect Stuff 6'6 Egg FCS

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Surf Perfect Stuff 6'8 Egg Bamboo White Gloss top
Detailed description

EPOXY Technology and strength extraordinary

 This process bring an extraordinary strength, a weight very reasonable, perfect buoyancy and a perfect stiffness for the medium level

New generation of egg with a modern shape, very versatile, and easy to ride for the surfers under 80 kilos. The best performance will be find by the riders a bit bigger ( 80 to 95 kilos).

Extremely fast in small waves, you can also surf it with a single fin to bring more versatility and start to surf bigger waves ( 5ft and more)

Delivery with thruster fins FCS G5

 Sizes 6'6 x 21" 1/4 x 2" 11/16
Volume 50L


• High-density 5mm closed cell foam padding
• Durable, easy glide moulded zipper
• All tarpee construction
• Padded handles and shoulder strap






Cover SizeMax Cover WidthMax Board Width*Cover Weight 
6'7"25 3/5" / 650mm22 1/5" / 564mm 1.3kg
  • Cord Thickness: 7mm
  • Wave Size: 2-8 feet
  • Interchangeable
  • Brass Swivels

Terra Wax Cool 11-17 °
Wax for Surf, SUP and Bodyboard
Recommended for a water temperature between 11 ° and 17 °

Terra Wax - Base Coat

The Wax Terra Wax Base Coat is recommended in underlayment.

It allows to better spread the wax and to have a better grip.

It offers a longer hold of the wax.